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Coffee Table Books

An A4 or A3 landscape magazine style book, bound in a coffee table book format. The content is magazine quality printing producing a more affordable product. Available in hardcover either leather of printed cover. 

These custom designed magazine style coffee table books are beautiful, timeless and an excellent way to display your special wedding experience for generations to come.  They guarantee the wow factor and are a very popular way of presenting photos for both modern and traditional weddings. The content is magazine quality printing and they come in a wide range of sizes, styles and designs.

Coffee table books have always been associated with fine art and great photography. Make your own wedding photos a part of that cherished collection. Each photo from your wedding will be custom edited to tell the whole story about your wedding day with professional grace that no other traditional album can match.

The basic book includes 40 pages (20 sheets printed magazine quality on both sides). We recommend a minimum of 40 pages to a maximum of 120 pages, this means approx. 40 to 400 images.


Leather Coffee Table Book Printed Cover Coffee Table Book 
A3 or A4 Leather Cover A3 or A4 Printed Cover

Sample Pages 

Page Coffee Table Book  Page Coffee Table Book 
Sample Coffee Table Book Page  Sample Coffee Table Book Page 
Welgelee Coffee Table Books Welgelee Coffee Table Books
Welgelee Coffee Table Books Welgelee Coffee Table Books