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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will the pictures be ready?

You can expect the pictures to be ready in about 14 - 28 days after your wedding day. If you have chosen a Coffee Table Book or Story Book Album, I will send a PDF proof of the art book in about two to four weeks from the wedding. The Storybook or Coffee table book will then be ready about 14 days after your have signed off the proof.  In peak season (Des - April) the wait can be as long as 6/7 weeks.

How long do you stay at the wedding for?

That depends on which package you book and to an extent, what kind of event you have. Weddings that are all in one location can generally squeeze a bit more coverage because there is less travel involved. . See the package prices page for time allocated for each package.

Do we get all the pictures?

Everyone gets a USB Flash drive of high resolution images of everything I shoot on the day that passes my rigorous sitting process. I will edit  and correct all the images so the colour and exposure are spot on. I will make black and white and sepia conversions to about one hundred of your photos. 

How many pictures do you take?

The number of pictures taken depends on the size of the crowd, the amount of time available and other issues like the weather. An average wedding if there is such a thing, will result in around 400 - 600 images in total, but I am more interested in capturing the spirit of the day to a high standard rather than worrying about the number of clicks.

Will you photograph everyone?

My aim is always to try and get a great natural portrait shot of everyone who is at the wedding, plus a good number of storytelling shots that paint the picture of what happened on the day, along with some formal and groups shots if you would like them. Clearly I will try very hard to get shots of everyone and it is unusually that I do not, but if time is short or the person in question hides away, it is possible they will get missed. Therefore it is important that if there are any people who simply must be photographed you either make sure that you request a formal shot with them in or assign an usher to point them out to me for special attention.

What would be your standard group photography?

I would photograph the bridal party (bridesmaid and best man and the bride and groom), both sets of parents separately and together in whatever format they may take, shoot one family and then the other family and the rest is up to you. Often that would be all, but I am sometimes asked to photograph grandparents, friends and so on, all with the bride and groom. I try to ensure that group photographs take no more than 30 minutes. I would also take some time out to photograph the bride and groom as well. This is entirely up to the couple to arrange a specific time and location that will be suitable for the couple Photographs. I prefer to have at least 1 hour for this.  A part of this can also be done at the reception before the guests arrive or, controversially according to some caterers, in the gap after you have finished your starter and before the main course is served. This will give at least 10 minutes of free time where everyone is occupied, no one will miss your absence and we will not be getting in anyone's way.  Also consider having this done a week or two after the wedding - contact me for more information about this option - special rates apply if I shoot the wedding and then couple session afterwards!) 

Do we have to have group pictures?

No, of course not. It is up to you, but do warn your families if you propose not to have any formal shots as it may well be them that object and possibly ask. 

What about winter weddings?

I love winter weddings. The atmosphere, the open fire, mulled wine, and the challenge. There is no doubt, photographically they are more difficult. As an event I think they are great fun - picture wise you need to be aware that you'll be indoors much of the time, there won't be any shots of drinks on the patio and it may well be dark forcing me to use a lot of flash. This can often lead to darker backgrounds. Group photos will be kept small in size. Although it may be sunny and you want to spend time outside, the older guests may not be able to cope with that.  In general I have always been able to get a fairly good amount of photos outside!

Can you view a wedding venue before the wedding?

This can be arranged. I have been to many venue's - if not at yours, rest assured that I have a trained eye for a good spot. If you would still want me to go there, the cost are R350 +  R3 per km

What are your travel costs?

With weddings the first 100km from Somerset West is free. Thereafter it’s R3 per km. Accommodation is required for weddings 200 km from Somerset West for 2 people. I prefer to arrange this myself. Work on R400 pp.